27 Listicle Series: Aurelia

Aurelia - Chest Pic Landscape


After spending the last few years co-writing with other artists, and as a result scoring numerous US Billboard top 10 releases, cracking the Triple J Hottest 100, multiple American Blues Music Awards nominations and a nod from the Grammy board, the phenomenon that is ‘Aurelia’ is a multifaceted machine, that it would seem, is taking no prisoners with her old world calibre and new world shine.


We caught up with Aurelia to find out what her Top Five Melbourne Musicians.

1. Archie Roach.. He is so inspiring.. if my music could be half as honest as his I would be so lucky.. 
2. Matt Walters.. He’s actually a friend of mine that took a break from making his own music.. So I stopped speaking to him!!! haha.. no.. he is one of my favourite people to see live.. his voice is unbelievable!! 
3. Sensible J – To me he is the vibe guy.. it feels like in everything he does feelings comes first.. He’s so talented and super down to earth.. 
4. Diesel – Because he’s Diesel! I should probably confess that I have loved him since I was tiny..  like luuuurved him!! Now that I don’t do home concert renditions of ‘Tip of my Tongue’ anymore it has grown in to more of an extremely healthy respect for his artistry..!! 
5. Tess Hannah – I found her on insta a few weeks ago.. just quietly doing her thing busking on the streets of Melb. She is beyond!! Such a beautiful writer and has the voice of an angel!! I fell in love with her and asked her to play the support for my upcoming show!! x
Make sure to check out Aurelia at her launch


Saturday 17th February The Wesley Anne Melbourne

w/ The Grails

Aurelia - Chest Artwork


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