27 Listicle Series: Holly Hunta


There is a lot to love about Holly Hunta’s debut single, Used To. From her home studio in Australia’s tropical idyll of Brisbane, the burgeoning electronic writer, performer and producer has sculpted a beautifully rich track that displays both the effervescence of her youth, and the vastness of talent that belies it.

We caught up with Holly Hunta to have a chat about the music that most influences her.

I think it’s awesome when artists choose to use their platform to speak out about issues that impact the people growing up in our society today. The way I see it is, we’re now in a wonderful time where social media and freedom of speech are forming a cool partnership for those who want to educate and help make change. We’ve all gone through hardship to different degrees, and as both an artist and a listener, I think it’s important these days to feel heard and supported by the people we listen to. I definitely recommend giving these guys a follow.

Julia Michaels – Before she began her solo project, she hid in the background writing songs for other artists, somewhat due to her huge level of anxiety that she’s recently started talking about. I recommend reading about her experiences – it’s crazy to me that an artist so successful can feel so unworthy and fearful, but it brings light to the fact that poor mental health can affect anyone. I value that a lot.

Troye Sivan – This guy is truly living his best life right now. He’s a prime candidate for self-expression and effortlessly defies any negative pre-conceived ideas the world might have of him. His social media is a place of rainbows and disco dancing, and one of my favourite accounts to follow.

Halsey – She was recently posted widely through social media for reciting her poetry at the Women’s March in front of thousands in New York City where she spoke about the impact of sexual assault and opened up about her own experiences. She brings attention to pressing issues and raises awareness on behalf of other victims. Halsey is raw, honest, intense, and is completely unapologetic about it which I see as being really admirable.

Cub Sport – This Brisbane band gives me life! Their social media is a breath of fresh air, always discussing issues of mental health and sexuality to help educate their followers and to encourage the world to be a little more open-minded. Follow them for smiles, meaningful lyrics, and a good time.

Banks – Banks has always used her position as a lyricist to talk about the mental health issues she faces, and uses social media to relate to fans who may feel the same way. She definitely knows the importance of making her listeners feel understood, and her honesty is really special. It’s definitely inspired me to be more open.”

Do your earholes a favour and listen now


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