News: Sometime Sonny takes a baseball bat to the 9 to 5 working lifestyle in video for intoxicating slacker-rock single “Like Everybody Else”


Combining raw, honest lyricism with stunning alt-rock arrangements and soundscapes, multi-instrumentalist Sometime Sonny, moniker of Dave Campbell, is back tugging on heartstrings with his new melancholic anthem “Like Everybody Else”.

The single is a fizzing dreamscape driven along by a generous coating of overdriven guitars, cascading melodies, and charming backing vocals.

Filmed with a borrowed VCR camera, the single’s music video follows a dozen young men – including Sometime Sonny – as they go through their morning routine ahead of another day at work.

In a turn of events that all office workers only dream of, the fed-up men take a baseball bat to an old cupboard left behind by the previous renters of their share house before ceremoniously burning their work documents in the backyard in a fiery release from boredom and monotony.

The narrative of “Like Everybody Else” was written on a train, realising he had become a ‘9 to 5’ worker rather than chasing his musical dreams

Acclaimed Brisbane indie artists Alex L’Estrange and Hugh Middleton (Mid Ayr) produced and mixed the new single, as well as the debut EP, in their basement – dubbed the ‘Luv Basement Studio’

The music videos for “Like Everybody Else” and debut single “Wasted On Me” were filmed and edited by Campbell, shot on a friend’s vintage VCR tape recorder in his South Brisbane share house





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