Last year, Didirri mesmerised people with challenging and thoughtful lyrics, combined with on-stage charisma and relatable depth. Simultaneously heartbreaking and healing, and approaching real issues with smile and charm; Didirri established himself as an artist that has something to say.

New single “Formaldehyde” is dedicated to all the inspiring strong women in life, and all the unique experiences they have.

At some point in life we all feel a loss of control, and this song is about embracing that feeling.

“Formaldehyde is about nurturing the feeling of being out of control. Making sure you feel it to the fullest extent in order to resolve yourself”

“It’s not only about the feeling of being out of control but also one of pain. Specifically, when people ask you to let go of something you are not ready to let go of. When you can still see the beauty in holding on to something painful and ugly, and you can only let go of something when you can no longer see the beauty in holding onto it.” (Didirri)

Inspired by the life and struggles of one of his favourite artists, Frida Kahlo, as well as another painter closer to home, “Formaldehyde” takes you on an emotional journey and brings you out on the other side intact. Allowing you to have a moment of calm after the storm.

“Formaldehyde” is out now via Unified.


Sunday 1st April – Boogie Festival, Tallarook
Friday 6th April – The Lansdowne, Sydney
Saturday 7th April – 48 Watts, Newcastle
Sunday 8th April – RAD, Wollongong
Friday 20th April – The Brightside, Brisbane
Friday 27th April – Howler, Melbourne
Thursday 3rd May – Mojo’s, Fremantle
Friday 4th May – Four5Nine, Perth
Thursday 10th May – The Grace Emily, Adelaide
Friday 11th May – Republic Bar, Hobart


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