Live Review: Evanescence

evanescence (5 of 6)-2

Rod Laver Arena

Its not often that a band can take songs that have long been fan favourites and breathe new life into them. Songs are tapestries of our lives, our ups and downs and the thing that sometimes gets us through the dark times. So changing anything about something people love is often quite a risk.

For Evanescence the risk has paid off in the form of the new album and live show ‘ Synthesis’. Like a chrysalis emerging from its dark slumber, the songs emerge like a delicate butterfly to take new form.

Performing with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra the band have perfected the art of transformation and this re-working is delicate yet beautiful. It gives Amy Lee’s voice a chance to shine and soar like the butterfly it always was.

Like icicles forming on a cool winters day Amy’s voice is crisp an clear, her spine chilling piano casting a spell over the audience. Gathered under the roof of the arena are what one might call societies outcast; Goths dressed in black, make up heavy and hair dark. Its in in the music of Evanescence that they have found solace for the last twenty years and they gather together enraptured.

As she sings through the popular songs ‘ Bring me to Life’  ‘ Imaginary’  and the newest song ‘ Hi- Lo’ the applause is enthusiastic for each moment. Amy holds court in the arena that is for certain, but its drummer Will Hunt who impresses with his exceptional playing, sticks flying in the air, his jet black Pearl drum kit seemingly an extension of his body.

As the evening draws to a close Amy mentions that the next song is one that she has never really loved, however with the support of the fans over the last two decades and how the love managed to turn it around.  As the strains of ‘ My  Immortal” ring out the room becomes as silent as a tomb, mobile phones recording the moment.

Standing to leave the stage the band is rewarded with a standing ovation, every person in the room delighted to have witnessed the successful re-working of their favourite songs, new life given to them and new memories formed.

Words by Amanda Lee Starkey


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