News: Lila Gold Reveals Dreamy, Dark New Single ‘Loveless’

Emerging from her lace LA cocoon, Lila Gold presents her dreamy, dark new single ‘Loveless’. Residing in Chinatown LA, Lila Gold calls on life experiences as her muse – always tinted with rose-coloured glasses.

Commanding attention from the first second, ‘Loveless’ sees Lila Gold drawing on inspiration from sci-fi masterpiece Blade Runner – both are moody, dim landscapes illuminated with radiant neon lights. Throughout the track, Lila Gold flirts with the entrancing space between reality and fantasy. ‘Loveless’ is undeniably futuristic pop, yet underneath the lush synths lay an undercurrent of electric guitar which provides the track with a real world tangibility.

Her sultry vocals are specious, coated in hazy filters and processors. A written ballad to herself, ‘Loveless’ is an intensely romantic but ultimately bittersweet anthem. Lila Gold’s velvety chants idealise loneliness and disconnection: ‘I wanna be loveless, loveless, loveless, I wanna feel nothing, nothing, nothing’.

Under the guidance of Role Model Artists Lila Gold previously revealed ‘China Chalet’ as well as most recent ‘Play God’, which was met with critical acclaim when uploaded to triple j Unearthed. As Lila Gold sneaks us glimpses of her fantasy pop world, we can only anticipate 2018 is this young artist’s for the taking.


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