27 Listicle Series: Aaron Pratt

 Aaron Pratt is considered the best value comic in the industry, based on a $ dollar per kg ratio. This 6’2″, 180kg, New Zealand born Polynesian powerhouse will bring the house down, the structural support beams and any other aspect of the establishment not rated for his big laughs (&/or excess body mass).
We asked Aaron some travel tips for all would- be Kiwi travelers to prepare themselves for what lies across the ditch.  Stay alert but not alarmed, you have been warned. 
Warnings for Kiwis travelling to Australia:
(Please take a seat before you read on, some of this is gonna hurt, but it’s for your own good)
1. They don’t have mince and cheese pies at the majority of bakeries in Australia. I’m sorry you had to find out this way.
2. The do make steak and cheese pies, but they put the cheese on top of the pie rather than in the pie. I have asked many a baker as to why, nobody seems to know.
3. ‘L & P’ is hard to come by, ‘Fresh-up’ even harder to come by & ’Just Juice Bubbles’ is non exsistant. You will have to find alternative sources of hydration.
4. Meat & Dairy products come from cows who haven’t seen rain for 167 generations, so don’t expect too much flavour, they are giving it all they got.
5. Vegemite (Marmites evil twin brother) has domination over the yeast based breakfast spread market. Finding Marmite isn’t hard, but avoiding judgement whilst purchasing a tub is nearly impossible.
I have done my best to prepare you, the rest is up to you, happy travels!
If you’ve ever been a humongous brown guy raised by a family of tiny white people, then you are going to relate to this show. ‘Pratfall’ is collection of stories about Aaron Pratt‘s life. Pratfall encompasses what life is like for a 10-year-old boy the size of an All Black forward pack stumbling through life on his way to be a husband, a father and a comic.
Venue: Basement Cafe
43/350 La Trobe St, Melbourne VIC 3000
12/4/18: 6pm show only
13/4/18: 6pm & 10pm shows
14/4/18: 6pm & 10pm shows
19/4/18: 6pm show only
20/4/18: 6pm & 10pm shows
21:4:18: 6pm & 10pm shows
Ticket sales:

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