Today is International Women’s Day and  we are celebrating amazing women in music  by paying tribute to the Women who run with wolves, the trailblazers, the women who stand up and give other women a voice. 

The bad ass women that make incredible music and enrich our lives with their fearlessness and inspiration. 

Happy International Women’s Day



Isabella Manfredi 

In the wake of the #metoo campaign Isabella Manfredi has become the face of the fight against sexual harassment and assault in the music industry. Bravely speaking up  sharing her experiences because she” did not want the next generation of women in the music industry to second-guess their worth because of the way they were treated”  Manfredi continues to fight against the treatment of women in the industry. We salute you Isabella.



katie noonan

Katie Noonan.

It would be enough for the talented Katie Noonan to make music.  Her angelic voice has the power to give anyone goosebumps. However its Katie’s tireless work as a champion of the arts, women’s rights and most recently her work with domestic violence charity Victims Assist, sees Katie as being a voice to those without the courage to use theirs.  Her bad ass-ness proves that women can have the courage to stand up for what they believe in and fight for it.


bec sandridge

Bec Sandridge 

Bec Sandridge was thrown into the limelight unwittingly when her 2017 Like a Version reworking of John Farnham’s classic ‘ You’re the Voice’  received hate from online trolls. However Bec didn’t let it destroy her, instead she gave a strong message to the online bullies and highlighted issues with women in the music industry. Bec was quoted as saying:

I think it’s actually opened up a really interesting and great conversation around misogyny and women in the music industry but also more importantly, I think for me, it really shone through that there needs to be an online safe space policy and there needs to be protection for artists.” 

For her courage to stand up and not be silent, we pay tribute to Bec Sandridge.



Tina Arena

With a career spanning several decades its safe to say Tina Arena is no newcomer to the music industry.  She has reinvented herself time and time again, becoming a cultural icon in France . However its her criticism of the music industries ageism towards women in music that sees this first lady of song as being a true bad ass.



Love her or hate her Madonna is one bad ass woman that over her stellar career has bucked the system. Whether it was the release of her controversial ‘ Sex’  book almost 20 years ago that highlighted the taboos of women embracing their sexuality or more recently her refusal to ‘ dress her age’ Madonna is one kick ass woman. She champions women’s sexuality and refuses to fit into societies expectations of how older women should behave.  Madonna is a true inspiration and voice to women all over the world.


SIA (1 of 19)


Making HERstory recently with the first ever  all-women line up Sia breaks the barriers of patriarchy by supporting amazing women in music. She may hide behind a wig, however by doing so she brings a spotlight on the very real and serious issue of mental health in the music industry. For her candidness and courage to be herself, Sia we salute you.


miley cyrus (1 of 1)-2

Miley Cyrus 

Agree or disagree with what she does there is no denying that Miley Cyrus is one kick ass lady. Fearless in her opinions of female sexuality and her ability to embrace her own fluidity Miley gives voice to millions of gender fluid people all over the world. She leads by example, showing the world that it is OK to be a sexual being and be a woman. Whilst she has faced criticism for her antics Miley is not afraid to simply be herself. That alone should be celebrated.


sarah m c


Sarah McLeoud 

Not only is she one of the most kick ass female front women and guitarists on the Australian music scene, Sarah McLeoud is also a champion for showing women how to be confident and kick ass. She may play in a band of all guys but the petite Sarah certainly is no wall flower, showing women that its OK to be your bad self and be damn fucking proud of it. Recently releasing a clothing line under the label Bad Valentine, Sarah encourages women to be their confident bad selves, and for that we congratulate her.

dallas frasca

Dallas Frasca

A kick ass musician, Dallas Frasca has refused to lay down in the face of adversity. Dallas is one amazing woman that is unafraid to be herself. Whether she’s at a gig demanding people ” Put away your fucking phones and live in the moment” Dallas is unique, conquering and inspirational. Her passion for music and life in general is contagious and she is one commanding woman. Proof that you can be who you want and the rest of the world can fuck off.



Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas. 

The women of RnB super group TLC have used music for over two decades to inspire women to be unafraid to stand up for what they believe in. With songs about not wanting to settle for ‘ Scrubs’ and managed to bring girl power to a music genre that is generally dominated by men and became the biggest girl band of all time. Despite the tragic loss of Lisa ” Left Eye” Lopez the women have triumphed over tragedy and continue to tour and make music. Their courage alone makes these women truly inspirational.


So there you have it our Top Ten list of women in music that inspire us.

Happy International Women’s Day


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