International Women’s Day Special: Women in Music and the Women who inspire them: Alison Ferrier

Alison Ferrier

Women in music are inspiring with their creativity, power and ability to make amazing music. Whether it be Janis Joplin with her raspy vocals, Kate Miller- Heidke’s ability to move audiences with her haunting vocals or Madonna’s brave stereotype smashing, women in music are amazing. 

So today we are celebrating amazing women in music on International Women’s Day by asking amazing women  who inspire them. 

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Alison Ferrier  is a prolific songwriter and talented guitarist, performing regularly in Melbourne with some of the town’s
best musicians, including her recent collaboration on Bluebirds, an album with Suzannah Espie, Kerri Simpson and Barb Waters. Her debut album Sugar Baby, was released in 2012, followed by Be Here Now in 2015. 

Today Alison pays tribute to the women who inspire her. 


Viv Albertine, (guitarist from 70s British punk rock band The Slits) I recently read Viv’s autobiography and it reinforced my attitude to music – there’s no point caring about what anyone thinks of your music, you must do it for you and do it how you want to! She’s awesome – a must-read for female musicians.


My mum. Funny, sweet, kind, generous Barbara Ferrier. This woman is so lovely and inspires me to be a better person but also let’s me cry on her shoulder with all the sympathy I would expect from a mother. She is a yoga and meditation teacher and is way fitter than me! Proud to call her my mum. Also on opposite sides of the globe, I don’t see nearly enough of her but she has never made me feel guilty for moving so far from home.


My 86 year old aunt Jan, survived cancer twice, loves a G&T (top shelf only darling!) Superb joke teller, I am always blown away by her strength, her wisdom. She does not suffer fools.


My old school friend Rachel Bean. We haven’t seen much of each other over the past 20 years as we’re on opposite sides of the globe but when we do catch up, it’s like we’ve never been apart. She is beautiful, laughs easily and often, has a naughty sense of humour (we are very silly together) and she is fantastically strong and resilient and just gets on with it.


My dear friend, musician Cara Robinson is extremely talented, hard working, strong-willed and has tremendous determination. She has overcome great difficulties in her life and is a huge source of inspiration to me creatively and personally. I’m so lucky to call her my friend.


Fourth album What She Knows just released.



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