International Women’s Day Special: Women in Music and the Women who inspire them: Bec Sandridge

PRESS CROPPED - Bec Sandridge photo by Giulia McGauran

Women in music are inspiring with their creativity, power and ability to make amazing music. Whether it be Janis Joplin with her raspy vocals, Kate Miller- Heidke’s ability to move audiences with her haunting vocals or Madonna’s brave stereotype smashing, women in music are amazing. 

So today we are celebrating amazing women in music on International Women’s Day by asking amazing women in music who inspire them. 

Bec Sandridge is known for her charismatic music and fun style. She is somewhat of an enigma with the songstress last year winning a coveted spot at Yours and Owls Festival. Her single ‘ I’ll never want a Boyfriend’ cemented her place on the indie scene and saw her tour to sold out shows.  An inspirational young woman Bec Sandridge tells us about the women that inspire her. 


Leslie Feist is someone who I want to model my career off – she continually does whatever the heck she wants and writes the most interesting lyrics ‘round. Not only that she seems super interested in having a sustained and credible career whereby she seems to be across all of her business and team – she has 100% achieved a long career already spanning over 15 years…Hats off Leslie! (Also can we please do a co-write)
-These sisters are unstoppable, I swear. They are politically engaged, leaders of change and some of the most malleable writers today. They’ve moved from acoustic to punk to hard pop and have start multiple charities which engage and support young women and LGBTQI groups achieve their dreams. In particular, they’ve started this new initiative which supports women in sound engineering roles, female identifying roadies etc which aims to break down the stereotype that women can’t be trusted which technology :muscle::skin-tone-2::clap::skin-tone-2:. I love how T+S have used their platform and made it seem effortless. They seem like work-a-holics which I also identify with and want to continue to follow those footsteps.
Catherine Marks (PRODUCER)
Catherine is an Australian producer KILLING IT in the UK. She’s worked with some of my favourite punk/rock bands including The Big Moon, The Killers, Foals, PJ Harvey and Vampire Weekend. She is starting the get the recognition she deserves (nommed UK Producer Of The Year- after working her arse off for a solid 10 years) and again, proving that women can and will and should be behind the desk! I’d love to work with her one day…
Danae Effern (Publicist + MNGR)
Danae is my manager (so this one is a little biased) and has kick started her own company Little Giant out of my new hometown, Melbourne! Little Giant is a music based PR company + has a management arm inbuilt in the company. Danae is potentially the hardest worker I know (But actually. I don’t know if she sleeps)… Her company manage a bunch of amazing acts including Smith Street Band + Press Club and the coolest thing (or one of the coolest things) about her company is that is fosters artists in a way that it (‘it’ being the musical journey) becomes about discovering what excites and sits right with you as an artist, which is kind of rare. It’s amazing to have a team of people believing and trusting your artistic vision and goals like they do at Little Giant! Especially when sometimes as a women in the music industry it feels like everything you do is doubted…
Sophie Roberts (13 Artists Booking Agent)-
Sophie is my age, 26 ish and absolutely killing it! She books some of the biggest acts in the world including Radiohead, Paolo Nutini and many more… I met Sophie in Brisbane at Big Sound and her passion for following her favourite bands around Europe and the world was contagious. Meeting Sophie made me realise what kinds of people I want in my own team! Hard working music fans!
Catch Bec Sandridge at the Smith St Pool Party on March 17

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