International Women’s Day Special- Women in Music and the women who inspire them: Eliott

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Women in music are inspiring with their creativity, power and ability to make amazing music. Whether it be Janis Joplin with her raspy vocals, Kate Miller- Heidke’s ability to move audiences with her haunting vocals or Madonna’s brave stereotype smashing, women in music are amazing. 

So today we are celebrating amazing women in music on International Women’s Day by asking amazing women in music who inspire them. 

Following the release of her acclaimed debut single ‘Figure it Out’ late last year, rising newcomer Eliott,has just revealed a video for her new single release ‘Over & Over’ which is released on the 2nd  March 2018 and has been produced by rising fellow Aussie artist Jack Grace.

We asked Eliott who the women in the industry are that inspire her.

Missy Higgins: (musician)

For me the album ‘The Sound Of White’ is the centerpiece of my musical influences while growing up.

Missy is the consummate storyteller. Her Lyrics are simple, evocative and relatable. Songs such as ‘Nightminds’ and ‘Katie’ speak of the many struggle many of us have with mental illness and depression. Her beautiful love songs are honest and reflect the true imperfections of real relationships. Missy’s ‘The Sound Of White’ stirred up so many feelings for my mum and family after the death of my own Grandfather

I also love that Missy wasn’t afraid to sing in her true Australian accent, which to me just demonstrated her honesty and commitment to the lyric and the story.

Sia: (Musician)

Sia is a huge inspiration in my musical career. Someone who has written for the biggest pop stars in the world, yet is also a multimillion-selling solo artist in her own right. She does not hide any of her problems she’s had with drugs, and mental issues – rather, she uses them to express herself organically and honesty through her music.

Madeline King (film director)

Madeline King is a Sydney based film director who I have had the pleasure of working with on my three and only film clips. She works hard and knows what she wants, and its so amazing to work with a female who is just as dedicated to your project as her own, who listens to your ideas and helps them come to life.

Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell undoubtedly for me is one of the most beautiful songwriters of all time. She tells a story, and uses interesting and colorful melodies to create this dreamy atmosphere.  The first song I heard of Joni’s was “A Case Of You”, her melodies just float so beautifully, and her lyrics are heartbreaking.  You feel so many things when you’re listening to a Joni Mitchell song. And that’s what I want to do when I write, to be able to tell a story that might seem too personal to the writer, yet deeply affect the listener.

I’ve just started playing “Both Sides Now” as a part of my live show.. and I swear every time I sing those damn lyrics I nearly cry.


Karaoke/mainstream or not, you’ve gotta love Adele for her stunningly raw voice, simple lyrics and gorgeous irreverence. Breakups wont ever be the same now we have her heartfelt songs to wallow into!


 Make sure to catch Eliott on tour soon

15th March   2018               Lanks Opening Support @ Howler
16th March   2018               Rare Finds Opening slot | Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
23rd March   2018               Rare Finds Opening slot | Penny Black, Melbourne
24th March   2018               Rare Finds Opening slot | OAF Gallery, Sydney




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