27 Listicle Series: BAD PONY


bad pony

Since the release of their 2015 debut EP ‘Limbo’, Sydney quintet Bad Pony have set a furious pace on the path to success. National radio play – check. Music Matters Singapore 2016 – check. Canadian Music Week 2017 – check. Australian Music Week Award Winners 2017 – check. Sold out headline shows – check. Publishing deal – check. 123 Agency deal – check. Arow Agency management deal – check. 1.6 million (and counting) combined streams – check. SXSW 2018 – check. Earning the indie outfit the well deserved reputation as one of the hardest working bands in the business, and the one to watch; “The country has produced many impressive electronic pop acts in recent years, and Sydney’s Bad Pony look like they may be next in line to break out”. 

The guys from Bad Pony give us the low down on what it takes to write a song. 
So you want to write a song? The Bad Pony method of musical bliss.
Some people say that songwriting is an art, and to distill it down to a series of discrete steps using the scientific method is impossible and deeply wrong from a philosophical standpoint. I’m here to tell you those people are quitters, and let you in on the 11 steps to writing a song. Use these steps responsibly
1. Buy an instrument
Literally any instrument, could be the maracas for all I care. Don’t bother practicing if you don’t want, just tell everyone you’re a punk like I did
2. Feel some stuff…
If you can convince someone to break your heart, even better. Ever heard an Adele track? Don’t even try and tell me Someone Like You would be the same if it was about ending a relationship and being totally okay with it
3. …but don’t feel too much stuff
Or you run the risk of emotionally crippling yourself and falling into the abyss, careful now. You can skip this step ONLY if you are Robert Smith from The Cure, but this is an advanced technique that should not be attempted without supervision by a British goth.
4. Start a band
This step should probably have been somewhere towards the beginning.
5. Get bored
Legit. The bored-er the better. Lock yourself in a room with your maracas and nothing to do and the songs will come flowing out like warm maple syrup
6. Self-doubt
Incessantly critique yourself and rewrite the song over and over
7. Like so much self doubt
God why am I like this.
8. Actually no I think this song might be good
Every little thing is going to be alright. 
9. Jokes, more self doubt
10. Show your band mates
They’re your friends and they love you, and they’ll learn to play it with you and your song will sound like 20x better
11. Most importantly, sell your song to the highest bidder
Buy a yacht and an expensive dog and sail the world. Congratulations, you musical genius

The saying goes that ‘everything is bigger in Texas’, so too are the vibes Bad Pony are ready to bring to the Americans next month!

Saturday 11th March Decent Showcase, Deep Ellum Art Co Dallas, Texas

         Wednesday 14th March Conscious Immaturity Showcase, Shiners Saloon Austin, Texas

Thursday 15th March The Aussie BBQ, Australia House Austin, Texas

                  Saturday 17th March Penny Loafer Showcase, The Black Heart Austin,


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