Album Review: “Victim of Circumstance” – Mayfield



Damn, Mayfield… Where’ve you been hiding?  Melbourne soul group Mayfield, worked hard to bring out their album, “Victim of Circumstance” out  in July last year. Produced by their drummer Ivan Khatchoyan, the album is a collection of soulful, funky and heavy atmospheric soul tracks that supplies rich, powerful vocals and were built on the groups individual experiences of the past five years. It’ll soothe your soul and wrench your heart out at the same time. Also, try not to dance. Ha! Good luck with that.

It all starts with “Hustler” which immediately features catchy synth grooves and Carla Traiano’s husky vocals that drip in energy and passion. The staccato drum beats play smoothly behind the eclectic forms and styles that the electric guitar produces. It’s filled to the brim with harmonies, and soulful backing vocals and electric piano trills. The chorus reveals the sexy sax and electric guitar fuzz and distortion that just makes this song all the more appealing.

Third track of the album, “On the Ropes” is an upbeat, funk track and the vocals deliver punchy, growling and provocative tones – and oh my, the sax solo and groovy rhythm is seriously hard not to boogie to. Also, it ends promptly with a little sax riff. Hell, yeah.

“Fuck You and Your Happiness” is the perfect song for after a messy breakup. Reverb on the melancholic guitar starts off this one. Synth and marching band tom-tom rolls are somewhat of a strange combination with the guitar, yet somehow it works as Traiano’s voice breaks elegantly through. Her voice and the lyrics are drenched in anger and heartache. The vocals are drowned out by the synth and static noises of the guitar and percussion, which is messy and pain-filled. A beautiful representation of what heartbreak feels like. I’m not crying, you are.

“My Apartment” is the second last track, and is one of the most vocally impressive and synth heavy tracks on the album. It’s rhythmic, dynamic and almost feels like the closing track of the album. Another sax solo to lure you in, and some vigorous whammy slams on the synth, guitar and keyboard.

Yes, Mayfield – just yes. An incredibly compelling album that brings the sweet sounds of soul to a whole new outstanding level.

Words by Kat Tame




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