News: CAMARANO shares new single ‘Mortal Man’; ‘Somebody Else’ EP out now


Weaving clever musical hooks and rhythms with an effortlessly charming vocal delivery, CAMARANO’s debut EP Somebody Else bears the mark of prodigious talent. The first solo release from Perth engineer, writer and producer Mat Cammarano, the almost-eponymous project comes after years of Mat working behind the scenes with other artists.

CAMARANO’s new single Mortal Man is nothing less than straight-up dream pop Greek tragedy: Daedalus and Icarus sweetly crooned over a bed of warm, woozy analog synthesizer. It’s a slow jam for the ages – a tightly-knit, hook-laden song that brings both the warmth and the melancholy, providing a worthy follow up to buzzy first single Somebody Else – which has clocked up over 200k Spotify plays on the strength of its lush, ethereal groove. In Mortal Man, CAMARANO’s delicate voice shimmers over a minimal, stuttering EDM-influenced beat as the song builds its myriad melodic layers into a gorgeous, brief, emotional crescendo that recalls Junior Boys at their confessional best.

The longer it plays, the deeper the EP takes you into CAMARANO’s beautifully mellow world… a near-perfect music bubble that floats between indie pop and dreamy electronica. Teaming up with rising Australian producer Andy Lawson (Tired Lion, Ruby Fields), Mat has created an impressive handful of songs that each show a slightly different side to CAMARANO while sharing a core identity.

Curating an impressive live band for the project, CAMARANO features Cobie Mason, Matt Shehan, James Shehan and Brad Green. Bringing Mat’s songs to life, this line-up also provides him with the ability to put together a formidable touring band, as his career continues to unfold. The starting point of all to come, the EP is an offering of thoughtful, creative music, and a worthy introduction to one of Australia’s most talented new musicians.

‘Somebody Else’ EP is out via all digital platforms April 6 featuring the singles ‘Mortal Man’ and ‘Somebody Else’

CAMARANO ‘Somebody Else’ EP Launch
Saturday April 21 – The Odd Fellow, Fremantle
w/ Chip Hazard and Bri Clark


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