Single Review: “Mama Said” – Arig



Arig, an Eritrean woman creating soul-stirring and emotive music, has just released a beautiful single, “Mama Said”. It embodies the intricacies of home life and the ways it can overwhelm and shape you.

The track begins with steady synth beats, like an unnerving adrenaline rush before introducing Arig’s haunting and angelic “oohs”.
Her warm, soulful vocals are ethereal and the multi-tracked harmonics that ring behind spoken word lyrics are chilling. The chorus, “Mama said run”, delivers such a daunting notion and the vocals are accompanied by deep pounding synths that almost urge you to run. The following words “from you” provides a profound self-realisation that the only person that can shape your life is you. Incredible heart-rending emotions that are so beautifully presented through heavy synths, emotive vocals and breathtaking harmonies.

Arig’s vocals end abruptly as the track ends and slowly fades out with heavily distorted and static synths. Arig’s awe-inspiring single has a powerful, emotive and deeply personal meaning. Her fearlessness and confidence in sharing her story is admirable and is shown so wonderfully through her unique vocals and artistry. This could very well be your new favourite song.

Words by Kat Tame



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