Julien Wilson Jazz

Stonnington Jazz is firmly established as an important event on the national jazz calendar and runs from May 10- 20 bringing out variety of Australian artists based in Melbourne, interstate and internationally, both established names and those in the early stages of their careers, and across a pleasingly wide range of jazz styles.


Bell Award winner Julien Wilson has solidifed his place as an integral member of the Australian jazz scene. His distinctive musical style has led to international jazz festival appearances in Berlin, Indonesia, New Zealand, Bolivia and Korea and recording credits on more than 70 releases. An in demand soloist, he has performed with artists such as Kurt Elling and The Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Gavin Bryars and Aventa Ensemble, Vince Jones, Hugh Masekela, Hermeto Pascoal, Jim Black, Bob Moses Quartet and Paul Grabowsky.


Who is your ultimate Jazz Hero & Why?

Sonny Rollins and Wayne Shorter. They never stop. Actually Wayne stopped performing for a while, and Sonny has recently retired from playing. But I’m sure even when they don’t have an instrument in their hands they are still making music. And they both make music out of material that nobody else could even imagine.

Best Australian Jazz musician?

Everyone who strives and struggles to produce their own music and create their own sound, regardless of fashion, beyond style, and despite the insurmountable obstacles life throws at us all.
My heroes are Mark Simmonds, Dave Ades, Bernie McGann and Allan Brown.

Fave Jazz venue to play?

505. Without a doubt (Sorry Melbourne)

Last Jazz Record you played?

The Intercontinentals by Bill Frisell. Does that cont as jazz? Directly before that was Steve Coleman’s Morphogenis. Not sure that’s jazz either. I’ve been checking out Toots Thielman’s 1958 debut “Man bites Harmonica” lately. With Pepper Adams, Wilbur Ware, Art Taylor and Kenny Drew. That’s definitely jazz.

Vinyl or Digital?

Mostly on CD – I like having the product. Vinyl is awesome. And if it’s digital I prefer full resolution High Definition downloads. No MP3s please

Ella Fitzgerald or Nina Simone?

Margie Lou Dyer or Joe “Bebop” Lane?

Event you’re most looking forward to catching  at Stonnington Jazz Festival?

The opening night Gala All you can Jazz Smorgasbord

Why should we come see your show?

Because I’m playing with Ang Davis and she’s a certified baddass. This will be our first gig together as “co-leaders”. Very exciting!


Julien appears at Stonnington Jazz as part of Blow That Horn with Angela Davis – Sat 12 May at Chapel Off Chapel


Stonnington Jazz
May 10th – 20th



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