27 Listicle Series: ONDT BLOD

Ondt blod - Natur session 01 - Yo 1. FOTO- Terje Arntsen (1 of 1)

Norwegian band Ondt Blod (translation “Bad Blood”). Despite of having only released one album, Ondt Blod have a lot to show for. Not only have Ondt Blod been deemed the pride of the North” in Norwegian media; their debut-album Finnmark” was nominated as the new-comer of the year” for the Norwegian equivalent to the Grammys in 2016, and they have been listed on Norwegian national radio with five songs. The band has toured Norway alongside Kvelertak, and played the Roskilde Festival in 2016.

We asked them to give us a run down on the thing that inspire them. 



Top Five Guitarists
Bill Kelliher
Brent Hinds
Kerry King
Steve Ray Vaughan
Ola Salmi Seipæjærvi

Top Five Home town bands we love

Heave Blood and Die
Die a Legend
Jørn Hoel

Top Five Bands
Against Me!
Young Guv

Top Five Tour Stories
When Aslak (the singer) did a 10 min stand-up routine in front of a rowdy crowd waiting for Kvelertak, and got death threats and booed of stage.
When Håvard (the drummer) on a dare told a girl to “loose the zero, get with the hero” in front of her boyfriend- this one also ends in fear of lost life and limbs.
When Kristoffer (the bass player) barfed all over the backstage bathroom, due to over eating at a pizza buffet like a fucking 11 year old, leaving an intolerable odour that both bands using the backstage could bask in.
When our artist host passed out in an epileptic fit due to the stage lights at the first song in our set.
The gig at a skateboard festival, where all of the 20 attending the concert by the end of the gig were bloodied up, and on their way to the ER due to the magnificent combination of drunken backflips and broken glass.

Top Five Musicians that inspire us
Agnetha Fältskog
Björn Ulvaeus
Benny Andersson
Anni-Frid Lyngstad
Varg Vikernes


Check out the new video here


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