BATZ is Christina Aubry  and she expands to a 5-piece live band if  razor-sharp, thrashy guitars, driving rhythm section and a woozy wash of psychedelia combine in a mix that draws comparisons to Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Blondie and Elastica

BATZ ‘Five Fave Festivals’ 


Chrissie here from Batz, sitting in the the van as we drive up the Hume highway towards Sydney for our Show tonight. Plenty of time to list my favourite festivals. After a discussion with the rest of the band we came up with a top 5 festival list.  


1.Golden Plains. There is something truly special about golden plains. From the beauty of the natural amphitheatre and surrounds to the anticipation of an email from Aunty Meredith. The smaller, more intimate version of Meredith this festival is one to look forward to every year and the line up is just out of this world each time!  


  1. Laneway Festival. Totally in love with Laneway and how it’s grown into such an awesome event. Running from stage to stage is such a thrill and you always bump into mates.


  1. Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Festival, yeah Sunny Coast! I grew up here so it’s really great to see the coast expand. We played this festival a few years back and the Captain and his team were soaccomodating. The coast weather is a total vibe and the festival with all the art around it is just so inspiring.


  1. Sugar Mountain. From the humble beginnings at the forum to now taking over the VCA sugar mountain is the perfect blend of music and art. I love that there is a sensory experience andall this cool shit happening. Great line up each year with lots of various artists. Seeing Dirty Three at sugar mountain brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.  


  1. St Kilda Festival. A free festival that has SO much live Music and great activities to do YES PLEASE! Did I mention it’s free and by the beach how good is that! We were lucky enough to play this year surrounded by great musicians, Dan Sultan, TheJeezabels, Baker Boy.  

We are so lucky in Australia to have a great selection of festivals, big small and in between. Whatever your jam there is always something for everyone listing  


I’ve now killed half an hour on our Sydney drive and still have 3 hours to go!!  


w/ The Dead Riders 

w/ Spiral Perm & Sterling


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