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What is 27 Magazine all about?

Here at 27 we are SUPER passionate about music.

We cover all the latest music news, music, festivals and events.

Founded in Melbourne 27 Magazine has rapidly expanded to become an International online magazine

We work with bands from all over the world, including Australia, Hungary, UK, America and New Zealand


Our readers come from all over the Globe. From Australia to Europe we bring music to fans the world over. We even have readers as far away as Finland!

Musicians love 27 Magazine

We create unique content that is fun and engaging. As a result, musicians love us and share our page across social media. We are passionate about sharing all types of music with our readers. We showcase music from all over the world.



We pride ourselves on partnering with like-minded brands and curating a meaningful environment for readers.

We want to create unique partnerships that not only advertise but inform our readers of the great products that enhance their music enjoyment experience.

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