The Australian Music Association is thrilled to announce the 2018 return of the Melbourne Guitar Show, set to rock Caulfield Racecourse on August 4 and 5 – and this year, it’ll be bigger than ever. We’re catching up with some of this year’s guitar guests to talk about what they love the most: GUITARS. 


Fave guitar brand & why
Kallquist Guitars. I play my own signature models created by the Brisbane based luthier, designed from the ground up to take into consideration my playing style, tone and performance style.

Most memorable music moment
Playing on stage with the late Phil Emmanuel, one of Australia’s most respected and talented electric guitarists and my mentor.

Guitarist that inspired me to learn to play
Tommy and Phil Emmanuel, Antoine Dufour and Andy Mckee

How many guitars I own & my personal fave
I own 7 guitars, 5 of which I play. (The other two are the first electric and acoustic guitars I have ever owned which I often use when teaching my students)
My personal favourite is my “Van Larkins Signature Baritone” guitar by Luke Kallquist which is made from Wenge, and German Moon Spruce.

Gibson vs Fender- which do you love?
I would have to choose Fender, specifically the Telecaster, that guitar has a sound that will cut through any mix!

Most under rated guitarist in music & why?
Italian Guitarist, Pino Forastiere. Pino will deconstruct a piece of music, and put it back together in the most inventive and beautiful way.

Van Larkins
Fingerstyle Guitar



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