Norwegian born, Melbourne based Tuva Finserås is pleased to present her self-titled debut EP. Inspired by adventure, nature and the human experience, Tuva Finserås is a collection of psychedelic pop that uses creative storytelling and distinct metaphors to create a body of work that’s intricate and compelling.

First single ‘Easy Going Monday’ burst Tuva onto the scene with her unique brand of wild colour-pop. The whirl-wind of swirling layers and intricate harmonies entices the listener to relax and delve into their own fantasy world. ‘Easy Going Monday’ explores that palpable feeling of carefree adventures on days unexpectedly free from work, and was justly awarded an impressive 4.5 stars by Dave Ruby Howe on triple j Unearthed.

Second single ‘Pack of Wolves’ urges you to escape reality and run amongst your fears. Infused with Tuva’s slightly off-kilter Scandinavian sensibility, ‘Pack of Wolves’ uses thumping drums and layers of swirling electronic and acoustic instrumentals entwine and entangle you. The wolves are a metaphor for negative and haunting thoughts, and the track a cathartic release tension and doubt of multi-instrumentalist.

Recently released single ‘While Our City Sleeps’ is change of pace for the EP, the hypnotic track is an ethereal journey that uses inspired motifs from nature to tell anecdotes. The easy tempo and sparse instrumentation emphasise the importance of the lyrics and intricacies of the vocals, which tell the tale of an unexpected relationship breakdown.

‘Racing the Lions’ takes the listener on a journey through dark issues experienced by young adults. Showcasing her intricacy as a songwriter, the “lion” is a metaphor for the anxieties felt

for the need to uphold impossible social standards and expectations. The track uses thumping drums, bright organs and static synth lines to build and intensify, replicating the pulsating feeling of adrenalin and heat.

‘I’m Sorry’ is a laid-back pop-song that beautifully mixes acoustic guitar and electronic sounds. Minimal and understated, the simplicity the arrangement allows the candid story telling that is a direct apology and explores the natural ups and downs within a relationship to shine through.

Tuva’s early musical days were fuelled classical piano and composition as she learned to communicate through the music she created. She found she needed to spread her wings and a change of scenery to further pursue her passion for the arts. The move to Melbourne was inspired by her formative years watching iconic Australian sit-com Home and Away and made the move in 2015.

Tuva Finserås is both the musician and EP. Produced by Benjamin McCarthy (Gordi, G Flip, Alex the Astronaut, Nyck), the collection of five songs are created from her own feelings and personal experiences in life. Throughout the work Tuva’s vocals are delicate, intricate and ethereal. The EP showcases her diversity as a creative songwriter, musician and highlights her innate ability to summon her listener through compelling lyrics, delicate song structure and cinematic arrangements.

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