Matt Zambon, a Melbourne based indie/pop producer and singer/songwriter, is excited to announce the release of his second single Faces. Following the release of his delicate debut single, Blue & Yellow, Matt Zambon has taken a much more energetic approach to his new release, creating a tumultuous track that is strong and vibrant. Hard-hitting, 80s inspired drum lines, perky guitars and driving synth textures help tell the story of frivolous attempts to break free from desolation.

“I found myself in a bit of a rut and my way of dealing with it at the time was ignorant and unhealthy. Writing this song helped me to realize and address my issues and reconnect with the important parts of my life. I hope it helps others to do the same.”

Inspired by the magnificent sounds that emerge when analogue instruments are paired with digital
counterparts, Faces demonstrates an elegant interaction between the guitar,synth and drum lines. Matt’s emotional delivery of honest and
content lyrics support the song’s therapeutic intention.

Matt Zambon’s Faces is now available in Digital
Stores for download and streaming on all good  digital retailers

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