arage rock band The Viable have released the lead single Safety Man from their latest album Seed.

The Viable’s single Safety Man is for all those hard-working people who have dealt with work place bureaucracy gone mad and want to shout about it! The lyrics express an addictive truth along with strong rock sounds and attitude that will get in the head of any lover of rock.

“It’s a song that makes me want to turn the radio up all the way and sing into a hairbrush.” – Fan review

The Viable, are a rock band that hail from Ipswich and Brisbane. Formed in 2016, they started in the garage as a covers band but soon found they were more interested in creating originals.

Their live debut was at the Ipswich Battle of the Bands where they won a live music recording session. Their song Purple Dress was then used in an Ipswich Council Castle Hill video.

Pete and Mark were lucky to have several great drummers and guitarists support them at gigs and recordings, until they found full time drummer extraordinaire Luke, adding even more awesome beats and good times. Soon after Saj, lead guitarist, joined the band full time and the boys have been punching out heaps of new rock sounds.

After being well received at gigs they headed into The Shed studio to record their first album Seed.

For Fans Of: Nirvana | Alice in Chains | Pixies

‘Safety Man’ is out now in digital stores.

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