Bec Sandridge is staking her claim to be heard as a nomadic pop-punk artist, catapulting herself onto the world stage. Release by release, her songs continue to take strong strides forward in direction, more sure than ever before.

My fave animals by Bec Sadridge

Pigs – Pigs have always been my favorite animal. I love their noses and everything weird and gross and slimy about them. They’re on my band rider. Also they’re real smart…

Narwhals -I didn’t believe these existed until a couple years ago! They truly seem made up and are almost too mythical/similar to unicorns for my liking, but nonetheless, amazing.

So scary! But. When I was little I was obsessed with triceratops, so yes.

Brussels Griffon – I met two baby Brussels Griffons in Sydney a couple weeks ago and died a slow and loving death to the point of joining several Brussels griffin fb groups and ended up on a deep scene temperament research/stalk via Google, only to discover that they too have the same anxious attachment style as me, are obsessed with affection and touch, like me, are stubborn and sometimes don’t like being laughed at, like me. Which is amusing.

Bulldog-  My partner and I two years ago dreamed of owning a bulldog called Margaret w two purple bows on either ear. These dogs are the true way to my heart.

Presented by Little Giant Agency & Four Tone Artists
with special guest Cry Club
Thursday 11th October – 107 Projects, Sydney – TICKETS HERE
Friday 19th October – Schoolhouse Studios, Collingwood – TICKETS HERE

Also appearing at
Friday 12th October – UC Refectory, Canberra
Saturday 24th November – Shakafest, Gold Coast

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