As a coming of age with a freshly developed sound and approach to his music, Fletcher Pilon of just 18-years of age has already made a serious mark in Australia throughout his early to mid—teenage years.


Top 5 Lyrics That Have Inspired Me

“Life is short, even in its longest days” – John Mellencamp

This really hits home with me. It’s a truly powerful, well-written lyric. In losing my brother Banjo, I know the feeling of the ‘longest days’ John is referring to: where time stops and nothing makes sense. To acknowledge this feeling in a connection to the fragility and finite nature of living is so reflective of how I perceive life: in that every day we are nearer to our end, which is nothing but the motive to live our fullest and most present lives.

“You never ask questions, when God’s on your side” – Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is probably my biggest hero in music. His profound songwriting is something that I strive for in my own music, and I’m constantly inspired by his lyrics. This one is from ‘With God On Our Side’. The song shows the irony and hypocrisy of things like war and invasion, which are justified by patriotism and religion. I think the world has become increasingly accepting of horror in the name of freedom without knowing it. Ultimately this lyric captures the need to question everything and make decisions based on ethics and not tradition.

“All I need is a whisper, in a world that only shouts” – Passenger

As Passenger puts it, modern society has become polluted with noise and confusion due to the rise of consumerism in this connected capitalist environment. We’re all craving something real, and the harder it is to find the louder people become. We need to listen and communicate, and I know that for myself, the more I slow down and observe, the closer I become to finding something meaningful.

“From the moment I could talk, I was ordered to listen” – Cat Stevens

This was written in the late 60’s, and decades on it means even more. There are kids with their eyes glued to televisions and iPads as toddlers, and trying to escape being marketed at and moulded into society’s view of an acceptable citizen is impossible. Even in primary school if it’s writing time then kids are expected to stop imagining or drawing or creating. This is all in balance of course, and I’m not saying these things are solely terrible, I just feel it’s easier to get caught up in it that it should be- so did Cat Stevens I guess.

“From little things big things grow” – Paul Kelly

I believe songwriting should always be in the pursuit of making people feel something. Paul Kelly is a storyteller, and this quote refers to the Australian legend of Vincent Lingiari who stood up for indigenous rights. The quote captures the ripple effect we can all have when our actions have conviction.

At the age of 14 he won Australia’s Got Talent 2016, signed to Sony and released a single titled ‘Water’ in 2017.


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