Hey this is Jon, Nish, and Jeff from Black Bird Hum and our new tune “Say You Want” is a out now!   With our hearts firmly in the land of reggae we’ve offered up 5 songs that are great to smoke a spliff to (in states and territories it’s legal to do so).”


Legalise it – Peter Tosh.  So this one is the obvious selection.  I mean, c’mon, it’s the ultimate fkn anthem for weed. But it’s a great song in it’s own right.  It just happens to have an important message! 


Marihuana – Turbulence.  Gimme a break. As if there’s a better way to start your day than to chug some coffee, smoke a spliff, and do the robot in your skivvies to this jam full blast. If you don’t feel superior to your flat mates by the time it’s done, you didn’t have the bass turned up enough. Fix that and repeat steps 1-3. Foolproof.  


Kaya – Bob Marley and the Wailers.  Included for sentimental reasons. You’re 16.  Your friend passes you a joint. You inhale (unless you’re Bill Clinton).  You melt back into the couch and someone puts on Kaya. Once you get over the initial shock and paranoia from wondering who whispered “WAKE UP AND…” really loudly, you settle into the groove and it’s lights out.

Police in Helicopter – John Holt.  Great track. Not your typical laid back stoner song, more a resistance anthem.  Deserves a spot in the 5 though. 


Mile High Dub – Lotek.  Nish says: You’ve just finished up a crazy weekend away in Byron at harvest time. You wake up exactly 1 hour before your flight home, so you’re brain is working at 200% capacity to move your body. You have one little nug of bush left, which just seems such a shame to throw away for no good reason, so you pop it in your vaporizer and blaze it in the plane bathroom. Brah I’m telling you Ballina airport never has any dogs ay, my mate Stuzzy said so. 





Sunday 1 July – Steyne Hotel, Manly

Saturday 14 July – Spring St Social, Bondi

Tuesday 17 July – Duo Smiggins Hotel, Smiggins

Wednesday 18 July – Smiggins Hotel, Smiggins

Saturday 21 July – Jax Bar, Perisher Resort

Saturday 21 July – Station Resort, Jindabyne

Sunday 22 July – Blue Cow Deck, Perisher Resort

Saturday 28 July – Federal, Toowoomba

Friday 10 August – Venue 505, Sydney

Sunday 26 August – Liverpool Street FESTIVAL

Sunday 26 August -Steyne Hotel, Manly

Friday 14 September – Nimbin Roots FESTIVAL

Friday 14 September – SOL Bar, Maroochydoore

Saturday 15 September – Royal Mail Hotel, Goodna

Sunday 16 September – Hoey Moey, Coffs Harbour


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