Wassup world! My name is Hanz Gable, I am a US rap artist, and here are the Top 5 artists that have inspired me.

My Top 5 for 27 Magazine have a lot in common including their versatility and ability to adapt to any genre and audience, and stay relevant after many years in the industry:

1. BIGGIE SMALLS – I’m going to have to go with the very versatile Biggie Smalls. I love how he can blend being commercially appealing but also hard-core hip-hop and at times political. I think he’s got the perfect balance of an exciting artist with all the right elements, in my opinion!


2. JAY Z – I’m from Brooklyn so I’ve got a strong link! Jay-Z is one of the sickest MCs of all time! He can take his bars everywhere – from street talk, to relationships, and he consistently hits you with club bangers!

3. PITBULL – Pitbull is a classic dance artist! He mixes different styles, can incorporate both English and Spanish, and has many chart hits under his belt. What I respect about Pitbull is that he used to be a battle rapper! Through battle-rapping he embraced his individuality and just did what worked for him moving forward in his career. He is a spectacular artist!

4. DRAKE – I’m a huge fan of Drake. He’s a very talented and adaptable artist. He can rap and sing, and the best thing about him is that he stays true to himself. I staying true to yourself is the key to a long career.

5. 50 CENT – 50 Cent is a genius at what he does and remains one of the most gifted artists in the game. He consistently appeals to different generations; whether that’s through social media, his music or other projects he’s working on (like starring in and being a co-executive producer in the TV show POWER). LINK: 50 Cent – Many Men (Wish Death) –

You can check out my single Hanz Gable – I’ll Drink To That:

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