Melbourne-via-Sydney artist Merpire has garnered acclaim across Melbourne’s indie pop scene for her cunning and charming singles ‘Hauntways’ and ‘Holding Breath’, with the first earning the number one spot on the triple j unearthed pop chart, and the latter being added to Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist and in-store rotation at fashion giant H&M. 

Here we talk to Merpire about CHIPS

Chips, crisps, what ever you call them, I love them. Here are my top 5 favourite chips .

1. Hickory BBQ by Boulder’s 

I was only very recently introduced to this chip, soon after I moved to Melbourne. They taste a lot like the Lays brand of BBQ that were discontinued in Australia some time ago – my previous number one flavour. They taste nostalgic of primary school days. They’re not your cheapest chip so I save them for indulgent days of reward after a hefty week spent in my brain organising music life.

  1. Atomic Tomato bySamboy
    I must have a taste for discontinued products because Atomic Tomato was discontinued in Sydney many moons ago, but I don’t forget a good chip. I did find them in the Blue Mountains though when filming my music video for ‘Holding Breath’. The producer, Caz and I stopped at a humble servo on the way to where we were staying and there they were, shining bright red, ready to rest in my arms for the rest of the drive.‘Holding Breath’ video 


 3.Light and tangy by Thins
I ate these tangy delights while working my way around logic, adding production ideas to the songs that became the EP, ‘Endless Chatter’. Sometimes I’d even treat myself and put them in a bowl so I didn’t have salty knuckles that could drop salt on to my guitar or laptop. While writing the break-up song, ‘For The Best’ for instance, these chips were there.



4.Chicken by Smiths 

While these aren’t my favourite flavour of chip, I do have a very vivid image attached to them. One of my earliest memories of being very moved by modern music was during a dance routine at a school vacation day when I was maybe 7. The other kids and I were instructed to do a dance routine to Regurgitator’s ‘Polyester Girl’. In the break I bought a packet of Smiths chicken chips from the vending machine so now the song and chips are forever bonded. Whoever picked that song for the routine – thank you.  



  1. Balsamic vinegar sea salt by Red Rock Deli
    These have always been a go-to flavour. I was very pleased when playing at Tamale Studios in Northcote not long ago, to see that the legends Ally and Tom who run the place, had them available. This gig was an especially magic time. Captured here perfectly by my housemate and very talented photographer, Nick McKk. 


‘Invitation’ live video




Thursday 19 July
Waywards, Newtown
Supports: Matilda Abraham, Ben Panucci
Tickets via Oztix

Thursday 2 August
The Gaso Upstairs, Melbourne
Supports: The Attics (duo), Gena Rose Bruce
Tickets via Oztix

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