27 Listicle Series: XUFIIA

is a duo combined of Sydney based Singer/Songwriter Meerz & Producer/Songwriter Diaz. The Duo met back in late 2018 connecting via the music app called Vampr. The pair connected immediately to bring to the table a unique blend of vocals and production influenced
by Deep House, Electronic, EDM, Trap and Pop. After a short month of collaborating the duo realized their distinct style had some magic to it and ‘Xufiia’ came to light.

Top 5 Musical Influencers with XUFIIA

  1. Cheat Codes – Diaz: For me he production behind any Cheat Codes song was always infectious! I mainly heard a lot of the Cheat Codes remixes and couldn’t get over how they would always flip a song making it their own and overtaking the original with the use of vocal processing and sampling in their drops, it intrigued me how they would tackle it as just another instrument and i feel i’ve definitely drawn from that.

  2. The Chain Smokers – Diaz: These guys have really been a strong influence in my production & song-writing with their catchy melodies and solid hooks! I always find myself listening to their songs on repeat for inspiration just taking in how they bounce their tracks around the vocals giving them space to shine and pull off the perfect Pop/EDM track!

  3. LDRU – Diaz: Nothing has hit me harder than LDRU’s track “Keeping Score” those vocal melodies and that drop! Just wow.. I hadn’t heard anything like it and that’s been the benchmark and rough structure for our tracks going forward, LDRU just keeps it fresh and unique combining everything from solid strong production with smooth eccentric vocals and intricate melodies pitched into another addictive vocal layer which just hits so close to home for me. Each one of his tracks have so much to them in the most simplistic way and I always find myself inspired by his creative use of the sounds and vocals!

  4. Major Lazer – Meerz:
    I can still remember it. November 2013 Stereosonic and my friends and I were exhausted after dancing and enjoying music all day. We happened
    to take a break in front of a smaller stage where this trio was about to take stage. Boy was I blown away by the energy, the crowd and most importantly the unique sound which spans and mixes across different genres such as electronic, dancehall, reggae, trap
    and electro house. I was completely moved by how different and fun this music Major Lazer was making. I absolutely love all the different collaborations they have had with so many artists and the way each track is so different and special. Definitely one of
    my biggest musical inspirations and would be an absolute dream to collaborate with them one day.

SIA – Meerz:
I grew up listening to SIA especially the first album she released. I love how emotional and rhythmic her vocalisations are in her tracks. Her creative writing skills and catchy
hooks make you feel every word of the song and takes you on a journey. My all time favourite song of SIA’s is ‘Breathe Me’ which was released in 2004. I love that it’s a simple piano part that nearly stays the same throughout the whole song but is developed
with overlaying instruments to change the dynamic of the song. Lyrically and instrumental this song is so moving. Banks- Hypotised by her creative vocal sampling, synth, and heavy bass, I first heard banks on a Spotify playlist, and her raw vocals paired with
creative vocal sampling, synths and heavy bass was just mind blowing. Her sound is something I hadn’t really heard of before but connected instantly . Her new album III is unreal and extremely captivating, soulful and full of so much fire and passion. One
of my favourite tracks on the album is “Till Now”. It starts off so simple with just her vocals which is then layered, pitched down, sampled and distorted to create a powerful instrumental. That with her raw soulful vocals on top makes this song so fierce
and engaging.

‘Graviate’ by XUFIIA Out November 8th