After storming stages this month in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, grunge-punk duo Black Stone from the Sun will be further showcasing tracks from their debut album Dreamalysis. 

We asked the gang to weigh in their Top Five Mullet moments in music.


Top 5 Mullets in music with Black Stone from the Sun
1. Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne

We have a cheeky little double-doozy in at No.1. What would a crazy couple be without a crazy couple’s hairdo? Don’t answer, it’s rhetorical. We don’t have much more to say about this subject so we’re just gonna change one word in a bunch of Ozzy’s songs to ‘mullet’. Ahem… Mullet Train, Bark At The Mullet, Mullets Bloody Mullets, Fairies Wear Mullets, Iron Mullet, Mullet Pigs, Mullet Babies, Mr. Mullet, Shot in the Mullet AND Dirty Mullets. 

2. Bon Scott

Let there be mullets! WA’s very own Bon Scott comes in at No.2. According to legend, the Devil himself bestowed the AC/DC frontman with the eternal gift of the mullet. Some say the hairdo was the source of his vocal power, whilst others say “The Mark of The Devil” was simply used to woo the ladies and to intimidate his competition.

3. Paul McCartney

Given the success of Wings, is it possible The Beatles could have achieved so much more if Macca rocked this cut back in the 60’s? We will never know. Mullet > Mop-top.

4. Joan Jett

Not only was she the Godmother of Punk, she was also the nurturing mother of a mullet. Throughout her career, Joan has been a feminist icon and proved there is no inequality in mullets.

5. Michael Bolton 
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Saturday June 23 – Badlands Bar, Perth
w/ New Talk, Pat Chow, Candy Guts, The Psychotic Reactions

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