Newcomers Sleep Talk are already a force to be reckoned with in the Australian music scene. Managed by 5/4 Entertainment (Tkay Maidza, Japanese Wallpaper) and booked by Harbour Agency, the band are set to unleash their take on alternative-rock through to post-hardcore with the release of their debut album in 2018.

Q: What advice would you give yourself when you first started?

A: Work real hard, play as many shows as you can and be friendly! Everyone is there to support each other and creating a positive supportive community around you and within your scene is so important.  

Q: What things have you learned and wish someone had told you?

A: That things you think you can do in your head don’t always come out your mouth the same way aha. Know your limits and abilities and play to them.

Q: What are your goals in music?

A: To tour!!! To see the world with my best friends and make some amazing memories.  

Q: Where do you see your music fitting in on the Australian music scene?

A: I think our music is quite accessible and taps into sounds not commonly heard in most “heavy” music. We aspire to play to people of all walks of the music world.

Q: Who inspires you in music?

A: My friends and family all doing amazing things. They inspire me to do better and keep working hard towards where we want to get this band.

Latest Single: New Tradition 


Tue 4th Sep

9:40PM – 10:10PM

Thu 6th Sep

10:30PM – 11:00PM

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