A Hitch to the Sticks

What happens when you put a whole bunch of people on a bus and head out to the middle of no where to be treated to exclusive live gigs. Well, what happens is a fun filled weekend filled with laughter that will make your cheeks hurt and your sides ache.

Departing from Melbourne the bus makes its way out to regional areas in Victoria, covering over 700 kms, picking up mystery hitch hikers along the way. Stopping in regional towns the bus brings an experience to remote areas like no other. Regional artists provide entertainment as locals welcome the VIP humans on the bus with open arms.

Its not only a chance to get to know musicians such as Dallas Frasca on a more intimate level  its more of a backstage pass to the lifestyle of a rock and roller. Friendships are forged over a shared love of music and camp-side sing a longs.  With her amazing sense of humor and approach-ability Dallas is someone everyone falls in love with by the end of the weekend.  She plays host and makes sure each and every person is having a great time along the way.

A Hitch to the Sticks is the first music event of its kind and it really is an experience like no other. You’ll come home a little sleep deprived but with loads of amazing memories and new friends from what is an amazing weekend.

Words and photos by Amanda Lee Starkey



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