Live Review: Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper

Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne


Tonight, the Grandfather of Rock Alice Cooper has invited us into his lair, a dank dungeon. The doors are locked and there is no escape. So strap in, and enjoy the ride.

The room is full of eyeliner clad fans, ready to worship at the alter of Cooper, and with Nita ‘ Hurricane’ Steele leading the charge on lead guitar, we’re in for hell of a ride.

Copper has had a career that has spanned five decades, and tonights show is a rapid fire run through the best of Alice Cooper. From “ No More Mr. Nice Guy” to “ Feed my Frankenstein” its a journey through the hits.

The show is also somewhat of an onstage pantomime at times, entertaining to say the least. Whether it’s chasing a blood stained bride for ‘ Roses on White Lace’ to dancing around in a straight jacket whilst inflatable baby head peers out of castle turret there is a lot to see.

During’ Dead Babies’ Alice is decapitated by a gullotine before attempting to cut off a babies head, a giant baby then dances with his decapitated head whilst Mademoiselle Guillotine runs around the stage chasing them both.

Changing into a red and black military jacket for one of his more recognisable hits “ Poison “, Cooper asks the crowd to “ Raise your hand if you’re poison” to which most oblige.

Alice has always been known to surround himself with the best musicians on stage and tonights line up of talent is no exception. All work expertly together to become a part of the show. However it’s Nita ‘ Hurricane’ Steele that is a real stand out with her expert solos and precision playing.

The evening draws to a close and there have been costume changes, blood, decapitations and effigies of Alice on stage. The band and Cooper have given a solid performance as he quips

and playing the part of Alice Cooper tonight… me  before closing with ‘ Schools Out’ while releasing giant red balloons into the crowd.

As the final notes ring out across the stadium and Alice wishes the crowd

May all your nightmares be vicious and horrible.. Happy Valentine’s Day!’ a final bow ends what has been unquestionably the best Valentines Day in a while.