Karly Jewell, Boogie Man Bar

When coming up to the Boggie Man Bar, a small bar that is placed on Melbourne’s busy Hoddle Street one could be confused to think you might have stumbled into an old milk bar – the kind of place where with just twenty cents from your Grandad could buy you a fistful of lollies and a smile back in the day. Its only the flickering of the sign above that lets patrons know that its a pub.

Upon entering the venue we are handed a shiny lanyard that reads:

Tonight’s the night that I thank you on behalf of my band, myself & our amazing support act. From the bottom of our Rock ‘n’ Roll Hearts.

I want you to be involved in tonight’s show more than ever- and here’s what you need to do:-

1. At the end of the show I ask that we all got to the coolest fire red hall way for a group shot of all you rockers and a big group shot out the front.

2. On the other side of this pamphlet is the chorus I want you all to sing with me- I’ll let you know when! We’re filming the show and I’d love to show my friends in the USA the music family I have here at Boogie Man.

Lets make my new song a big anthem so get your voices ready & your “Fuck Yeah’s” loud!

Flipping the lanyard over are the words the the chorus of ” Hell Won’t Let You In”

I heard Hell won’t let you in
But I’m walking through the fire, babe

I heard Hell won’t let you in
But I’m walking though the fire, babe

I walk alone on an open road
I got nothing else to lose
And I’m on fire”

As she takes to the stage Karly is a pint sized rocker with a kick ass attitude and a lotta heart. She apologizes for being unwell during the week and her voice being affected , but sitting in the cozy bar she manages to rock out regardless.

Powering through hits ” Feels Like” , “Sid + Nancy” and ” I won’t cry” she also throws in a very cool cover of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell”, explaining that she thinks Idol resembles a vampire and she likes vampires, so he’s pretty cool with her; her cover is pretty cool with us.

At times she channels a young Suzi Demachi, Chrissy Amphlet or Sarah McLeoud and her performance is raw and honest. Her band back her with expert timing but still allow her to shine. She is the kind of front woman that you could throw in front of any band – a rock band or a metal band and she’d look and sound great.

The thing about Melbourne is that on any given night of the week you can wander into a bar some place that looks like live music doesn’t belong on the meager stage and dim light. If you’re lucky enough you might just stumble on a gem like Karly Jewell Band rocking out.

Words by Amanda Lee Starkey

Behind the Lens Sebastian Marino

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