The Esplanade Hotel
St. Kilda

The wind is howling and rain falls over the Port Phillip Bay as Melbourne welcomes back L.A punk rockers Starcrawler. Having been absent from our shores since 2020, the band are here to make sure Australia gets a good dose of live music as it’s meant to be.

A sizeable crowd has gathered to watch support act These  New South Wales open the show, with lead singer Jamie Timony making sure that if you don’t know who his band are, by the end of the set you will. Playing through their hits ‘ Rotten Sun’ ‘Meat Hook’, ‘ Space in Hell’ and wrapping up with ‘ Nerve to Reverse’ the band have provided the perfect warm up to the main act.

Promptly arriving on stage at 8:50pm, Starcrawler are greeted with enthusiastic shouts, clapping and a mild hysteria from the crowd. Dressed in a very sparkly ensemble, lead singer Arrow de Wilde captivating the audience from the onset.

Kicking off the set with ‘ Good time Girl’ the band don’t pause for breath as they power through the hits. ‘Road Kill’. ‘ I Love LA’ and ‘ Stranded’ all play in quick succession, the band hardly letting the audience take a moment. By the time they begin ‘ She Said’ the mosh pit is in full swing, bodies meshed together in sweaty bliss.

Arrow de Wilde is an enigmatic performer, drawing the crowd in seductively with her gyrating hips and intense stare, and each time she edges to the stage hands reach out to grab her, wanting to touch the punk star and become part of the magic.  Equally as captivating is guitarist Henri Cash, as he parades the stage he plays to the audience, guitar in hand he puts on a memorable show.

With the temperature in the room raising, the band take it to the next level for a big finale. Running into the crowd for the final song ‘ Chicken Woman’ Henri Cash mounts the bar and to the delight of the crowd finishes the set surrounded by beer glasses and eager fans.

As the lights dim and the crowd files out into the drizzly night, one thing everyone can agree on, is that if you have never witnessed a Starcrawler show, its one band to put on your bucket list, it really is an experience.

Behind the lens Cam Brown



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