As her first entry for 2019, ALLIPHA has set a strong tone for an exciting year of new music ahead with ‘Freak Inside’ – a sign of her continued developed artistry and creative motivations. Recorded at Sydney’s Forbes Street Studios, ‘Freak Inside’ is a confident step forward for the young artist, who dropped her debut single ‘Minds on Fire’ just last year, drawing praise from Triple J Unearthed and blogs alike. As a live performer, ALLIPHA has been cutting her teeth alongside some of Melbourne’s best young artists; supporting Samsaruh in Melbourne last October gave music fans an inkling of the huge potential just waiting to burst in 2019 


  • Gluten/dairy free deserts. Aware I sound like a knob but there is just no such thing as good gluten & dairy free sweets.

  • Mac DeMarco- he’d be so fun. I youtube his interviews for hours on end so it would be a big moment for me.

  • A yoga instructor/meditation guide, to get the mind and body nice and limber before the show. Optional of course, depending on my mood.

  • Ugg boots and blankets. I have the worst circulation in the world and my feet are constantly cold. It could be 30 degrees and I still have a blanket wrapped around me.

  • Egg boy’s number

  • Fluffy pillows and disco balls- for both comfort and party vibes, and of course aesthetic duh.

  • Espresso Martini’s!!!!! So many

Launching ‘Freak Inside’ in Melbourne this April, ALLIPHA will be debuting a brand new live show for her audience for the first time. A set that is not only going to serve as a perfect introduction to her artistry and her band, the ALLIPHA live experience is one that will demonstrate her diverse musical palette and bold approach to her craft.

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