My Dream Rider: Ash Grunwald

So to introduce myself.  My name is Ash Grunwald.  I have been a professional musician for most of my adult life.  I love surfing,  blues music and hanging out with my family and have geared my music career around those things.  I believe if you stick to what you love in life you will be rewarded because work never becomes a chore and that is how to live your most authentic life. 

My dream rider is pretty boring for some.   I quit drinking a few years ago so my rider requirements have changed considerably.
1. lots of soda water
2.  a vego curry
3.  a yoga mat
4. yoga back bender
5. an ice bath
6. heaps of healthy food
7.  an infrared sauna
8. a skate ramp
9. coffee machine
10.  an indian chef

Ash will play an interactive live streamed gig on May 16th at 8pm AEST were he will be taking requests of his back catalogue which will be streamed directly to the living rooms of participants who have purchased tickets via donation.

Tickets for this unique event available at or click here