From humble beginnings in a Brisbane bedroom, Austen’s unique brand of hooky and emotive indie-pop has gone on to hit airwaves and stages around the country, introducing her as one of the most promising rising voices of her kind. With her mononymous persona serving as a bold alter ego to the self-described introvert, Austen draws inspiration from synth pop, electronica, psychedelia, art pop and indie, and has been praised for her distinctive sound on new single, North South East West.


My Dream Rider: Austen

  1. Adrienne, from Yoga With Adrienne. She kept me sane and healthy during lockdown and has the perfect mix of motivation and relaxation for that pre-show energy.
  2. Cheese platter. One thing I missed during the gig-drought of Covid is the cheese and fruit platter of the green room. All of the on-stage energy comes from the camembert.
  3. Teppanyaki chef, who throws food towards me as I get ready. I’ll be doing my makeup and turn my head slightly to get a little piece of egg catapulted into my mouth on demand. Yum.
  4. Sensory deprivation chamber/float tank. I’ve done a floatation tank session only once before, and it was wild: time seemed to warp until it felt like I’d been in there for 24 hours, after what was in reality about 30 minutes. I came out with a very different and more relaxed outlook on life, which is exactly what I need pre-show.
  5. Home cinema projector – to watch David Attenborough docos in HD.
  6. Exotic animal petting zoo, because I want to hug a monkey.
  7. IV vitamin drip. Sometimes after a few shows and a week of being sleep deprived I really crave some *health* pumped straight into my bloodstream. I’ve never actually done this, but I feel like it would make me a better performer, and justify the fact that I survive on eating only the green room cheese platters mentioned in number 2.
  8. Someone to pat me and tell me I’m doing a good job. I’d like this just in life, generally, but especially when the pre-gig nerves kick in.
  9. A fire for that nice smoke smell of camping. I would accept some sage or palo santo to burn and waft around the space, but ideally, a fire pit in the middle of the room – with proper ventilation, obvs – would be the perfect way to make me feel grounded and cozy. (Whoever is patting me and telling me I’m doing a good job would be allowed a quick break to tell campfire stories.)
  10. Mark Ronson spinning vinyls in the corner. I just feel like he’d be able to nail the vibe, you know?



11.               Benji, from Yoga With Adrienne. My kindred spirit.


Austen’s new single, North South East West, out now!

Music video out now.


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