Following the release of his lead single ‘Flip Mode’ earlier in May, Sydney rapper CASA X hits back with a hauntingly poetic and lyrically enthralling hip-hop track titled ‘Lighting Fires’, featuring vocals by RENNY SYMF.

Told through an introspective lens, ‘Lighting Fires’ is about the lows of a struggling artist. The track touches on themes such as fame and fortune, along with broken relationships and rehab.

Of the single CASA X says, “I want to give people an insight of what a struggling artist lives through. The highs and lows, the torment of success, and to consider what the price of fame is really worth”.

We got the rapper to tell us about his ultimate dream rider. Check out his list of oddly fun essentials that feature a combination of live magic, Sheridan bed sheets, and a Mariachi band.

My Dream Rider by CASA X

  1. David Blain, so he can perform magic tricks while I’m tryna rehearse.

  2. Expensive craft beer that doesn’t taste too fruity.

  3. A room with a bed containing Sheridan sheets with no less than 400 TC.

  4. A 3-piece Mariachi band to get me in the mood.

  5. Allday’s latest album on cassette.

  6. Beatboxing legend Rahzel to kick frees with after the show.

  7. Large bowl of mi goreng original flavour with half sachets of chilli sauce.

  8. Maxibons for the boys.

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