Hiya!! My name is ESHAAN and I’m a new artist from Sydney, Australia! I just released my second single called ‘Simulation’. I like to draw inspiration for my music from the universe, and how we connect with everything within. Being new to the live scene I barely have a rider it’s mainly just some drinks and snacks because I hate to be an inconvenience BUT, if I had to have the most extra rider it would be:

  1. A personal bartender along with an *EXTENSIVE* menu to choose from, ya girl likes to try everything and what’s the point of having a marg but not something inspired by Elsa from Frozen, just saying. And maybe some top shelf white wine for my manager because I love her. I’m talking some expensive 5 million dollar a bottle kinda wine.

  2. A chocolate fountain with ONLY strawberries. On that note a bunch of fruit cause why not. Obviously not to dip into the chocolate, ain’t about that apple and chocolate life.

  3. A sushi chef, because sushi is honestly so great. You don’t wanna be lugging around a parmi when you’re having the time of your life on stage.

  4. Specifically the Glasshouse’s ‘A TAHAA AFFAIR’ candle, the caramel and vanilla one but, it has to have been lit for a while before I show up cause ugh that stuff is godsend. Imagine swimming in that, it would burn but be so worth it. Maybe one extra to take home.

  5. A quiet space to zen before the show – always need to take a second to remember where I am, what I’m doing, how I’m gonna do it and to take a second to appreciate what I’m about to do so, a zen room will be top notch. Also, I wouldn’t be mad at a hot yoga instructor.

  6. A lot of puppies and some antihistamine. Even though I’m semi-allergic, I still love dogs.

  7. A karaoke machine and my friends, cause I love my friends. IMAGINE the cocktail and karaoke vibes with the besties before a show.

  8. Billie Eilish, cause how fun would it be to hang out with her before a show, maybe bring her on stage and melt some people minds

  9. A hot tub to relax my muscles before going crazy on stage with Billie Eilish.

  10. Last but not least, a BUNCH of quokkas. The vibes they resonate with their cute little smiles are ELITE. Also, it would be nice to give them a hug.

The debut record was a great success with ESHAAN seeing support across Spotify, Apple Music, triple j Unearthed, Music Feeds, The Daily Telegraph, SNIFFERS, Tone Deaf, FROOTY and more, and recently performing as part of Live Nation’s Ones To Watch showcase. Great get to know vid HERE.

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