Described by triple j as holding ‘poise and drama in equal measure,’ GUTHRIE (they/them) explores elements of opposing genres in their music – the acoustic warmth of folk, and the clinical chaos of electronica and hyperpop. GUTHRIE is set to perform the songs of INCUBATOR live at the Leadbeater Hotel in Melbourne on August 26. INCUBATOR is out July 8.


Watch out because this permission to be as outrageous as I want is about to get … spicy.

Here’s 10 items off my dream rider.

1. A pile of watermelon which is made into small balls using one of these devices (image bellow). Honestly, I’m obsessed with melon.


1. The super-fancy candle that Sophie used a precious amount of while we were recording the EP (I can’t remember what it was called but I think it was

recommended by Chris Messina when they worked on her album and that’s all I need to know) 2. Gender affirming health care on Medicare. I would like free gender-affirming health care being on Medicare on my rider please.

3. A vegan eggplant parma because I would gladly (as my housemate often says) unhinge my jaw like a snake to consume a vegan parma.

4. For everyone to be given special glasses at the start of the gig, and anytime someone calls me ‘she’ instead of they, rather than me having to go to the effort of correcting them it just flashes red with ‘INCORRECT’ written on the glasses – but only they can see it. And then through operant conditioning I never get misgendered at shows again.

5. A rainbow guitar strap which is the same as Libby’s because every time I steal hers I struggle to give it back (emotionally, spiritually…)

6. A pile of guitar picks also so I stop stealing Libby’s

7. An assortment of colourful scrunchies for Jake for his glorious maine of hair while he plays drums

8. The entire cast of Hamilton Australia – mostly for Ollie (bass)

9. A tiny, dimly lit, sound proof room – empty expect for 7 kombuchas – for Billy to circular breath saxophone arpeggios for 45 minutes straight before the show (real request)


GUTHRIE’s new single Best You Ever Had is out now.

Their EP INCUBATOR is out July 8 and they’re playing at

The Leadbeater on August 26.


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