New York based Hip-Hop artist ill Fayze is back with his EP ‘Sweet Tooth’ which delves into a range of themes from house party vibes to conscious deep thought about today’s society. We caught up with ill Fayze for our dream rider series to see what he would have in store for him and his friends on tour, check it out below!

  1. A Bose surround sound system – Being able to play a pump up playlist or review my tracks with the team is essential
  2. Skullcandy Headphones – I need some personal music for long drives, and Skullcandy is my brand of choice (please sponsor me)
  3. Playstation 4 & TV for some Fortnite – Gotta get my Victory Royales on the road.
  4. Ice Water – I drink a TON of water when I’m working on music. Whether it’s in the studio or during a show, I’m not 100% ready if my pee isn’t crystal clear.
  5. A Tub of Archer Farms Monster Trail Mix from Target  – A handful of that stuff is heavenly bliss. I’ve tasted a lot of different trail mixes; none compare to this version. Shoutout to Target, but I wish I could find it everywhere
  6. Original Chick-fil-A Sandwich – Best sandwich ever invented. Throw in an unlimited supply of Chick-fil-A sauce as well
  7. Spicy Chick-fil-A Sandwich – How can we forget the Classic’s twin brother?
  8. Fayzey Blue – I’m a rapper by day and cocktail aficionado by night. My signature vodka-based drink is the perfect recipe to get you hyped for the lituation before you even arrive at the venue.
  9. A mini-wardrobe – You have to feel good to look good, and I feel good when I look good! Thanks to my girl, I know how to step out in drip without stepping all over my budget. Having a few pairs of kicks plus a wardrobe from the finest Goodwill will do the trick (and no comment on whether the jewelry is real or not).
  10. My Day Ones – Touring wouldn’t be fun nor possible if I wasn’t riding with the team that helped me get there. Do y’all see how much fun Lecrae and the Reach Records family have on stage? Or how hyped Amine and Kyle get with their respective boys during music videos? That’s the goal.

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