New Zealand artist Jack Panther’s alt-pop style has Rolling Stone naming him “an artist you need to watch for his latest addition to the forthcoming EP ‘why don’t you come over?’ due out May 20. Ski Lift 001 is a beautiful new single that blends intimate soundscapes with themes of nostalgia and regret, giving you a real insight into the heart-rending lyrics .

My Dream Rider: Jack Panther

  1. Mezcal – it’s this stupid smokey type of tequila which I just love, I only ever had a good night on it. Feel like it should be a ritual for me to have, calm the nerves
  2. 2 x Mizone (Crisp Apple) – it’s this flavoured water which I always drink at shows or practices. I have no idea why but I like it, keeps my voice hydrated and now I just associate it with playing shows ahhaha
  3. Fresh fruit – boring but like who the heck doesn’t get stoked by a platter of fresh fruit
  4. Some good speakers – get myself and the team hyped before the show
  5. The best signature meal of the city I’m in – I’ve always been kinda interested in food, while travelling it’d be so awesome to be able to try out some of the local best foods even if I’m touring and playing shows
  6. A comedian – it’d be so funny to have a comedian make us all laugh and be energetic etc before a show hahahah imagine..
  7. Cologne – something fresh to feel cute on stage
  8. Fruit tea / Peppermint tea – help warm up my voice
  9. TV – so we can put on some yoga or something meditative if I’m feeling nervous
  10. Coffee machine – big coffee fan ahhaha if I’m tired I might need this ahahah



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