Hi, I’m David from Local the Neighbour and I write and record music for all the friendly neighbours in the world. I love your dog, coffee, and listening to ‘Boys’ by Charli XCX. There’s now a new Local the Neighbour single called Point Guard that you should check out!!


So I played a gig last year, and when I went to the bar to ask what the deal for the musicians was, they said ‘oh you got a $1000 rider’ – it was at that point my brain exploded. A lot of expensive alcohol was consumed by the band that night, as well as multiple expensive meals on the menu. However, during that moment I couldn’t help but think it’d be nice to withdraw that money out of the rider. So if I could cash out a 1-2k rider, that’d be great. PayID or direct cash, thanks.

I’d love an assortment of my favourite Melbourne restaurants/cafes in food truck form. If I could have Very Good Falafel, Ini Coffee (or Overlay, or Hikari – you know what, these can rotate and we’d create a roster), some type of taco/burrito stand, Pokèd, and just whatever the band is feeling.

Jumping castle slide. Never know when the need to jump or slide will hit, so you gotta be prepared.

Wood-fire oven pizza with the necessary ingredients. My friend LOVES pizza, and I love a warm fire to sit around, so it’s a win win.

If we could have a personal hype person before we play a show, that’d be great. And if they’re available after the show to hype us again, it’d go a long way.

Sleep pod! I love sleep a lot. Anyone who knows me knows that sleeping is my favourite activity (but only once I actually fall asleep).

High-end sound system with a great vinyl collection. Gotta pump the tunes before the show, so having a vinyl set-up would be incredible.

Ping pong table (a must!). I’ve been fortunate enough to have had this in the green room before, and it’s the best. Like, everyone should have one in their band room!

Mini band set up for pre jamming. It’s nice to warm up and just have a play before you go out and do it for real, so having a little set up to warm up would be handy.

Massage chair would be nice too:) It couldn’t hurt!

If this green room is of interest, come and have a tour of it at the next Local the Neighbour show. To find a show near you, follow the links to all the social media pages and stream the latest single ‘Point Guard’. See you at the backstage ping pong tournament!


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