Hello! We’re Maison Hall., a multistate band primarily based in Melbourne! More specifically, we’re Ben and Joe, with David and James coming along for our live shows.


Ben and I started doing this together in Brisbane in 2014. We were on hiatus for almost 6 years, but we’re rollicking back into existence with our new single ‘Montreux’!


We do this because we love it, and we’re never going to stop!


  1. Hummus – what we dip in it is secondary, but the chickpea content has got to be at least 83% (+20% tahini content will flare up James’ IBS, and he becomes a high-FODMAP nightmare).
  2. Diet Coke – here’s the descending order of diet cola supremacy: Diet Coke – Pepsi Max – Diet LA Ice – Any generic supermarket Diet Cola’s – Dirt from the ground – Coke No Sugar.
  3. Extra Drumsticks – Ben needs drumsticks in order to play the drums. Sometimes, we play too much of the game ‘break the drumsticks’, but we forget we do not have extras. Not good.
  4. Veggie burger patties – this is not an official endorsement, but Joe literally eats 4 Wildly Good Smoky Cauliflower Veggie Burgers a day and it’s bankrupting us.
  5. Live Laugh Love related decor – cf. ‘Wine mum decor’, ‘Keep Calm, Carry On decor’.
  6. Green room with a 500-1000Hz, 3db cut and a high pass above 60Hz – if we don’t do this Dave will complain the mix is bad.
  7. Sousaphone – “I have never seen one in real life and they look cool” – James
  8. Extra Large TV with Tasmanian Jackjumpers games – “This is the last bandwagon I ever jump on” – Joe
  9. Two King Size Beds, Fully Made – Post-gig, pre-packup fatigue is real.
  10. Video Conferencing Equipment – So we can celebrate/lament with our friends and family post-gig!


The plug: Everything that you’d like to plug re: new releases, links to music and any show dates and info


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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maisonhallmusic


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maison.hall/


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