Riders refer to the little extras a band receives from the promoter of a gig, usually—but not always—in their dressing room. One of the most infamous riders was Van Halen’s in 1982. They insisted on bowls of M&M candies with all the brown ones removed. Mary J. Blige asks for a brand new toilet seat in every venue where she performs.
Here we talk to artists about what is on their dream rider.

Music industry enigma and Rick Rubin-produced songwriter Mikey Mike is a poet like no other with Beck-worthy pop melodies twisted into different shades of deeply soulful, indie rock-guitar-rap. Mikey does things his own way, and because he’s such a poetic and brutally honest lyricist, every song he makes is a conversation-starter, as are his unorthodox strategies. Igniting his rise to success was all thanks to Mikey cat-fishing the top music executes and influencers  into opening his email and listening to his music. 


My Dream Rider by Mikey Mike

First and foremost, a bottle of Jim Beam Honey. It’s an 11 dollar bottle and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’ve drank Jim Beam Honey regularly for about the last 4 years and at this point it’s just a part of my blood. I don’t even get that hungover from it because I think my organs have been confused into thinking its some sort of mineral. Minus my liver, he’s probably like “no we fucking don’t buddy! If you only knew!”

Pizza, for after the show, because it’s always amazing, even the shittier ones, and everybody loves it every time. I used to tell my girlfriend I was taking her out for Italian and then I would pull into Papa John’s, and she wouldn’t even be let down!

Clean socks, because you can never have enough and they always disappear.

Lava Lamps, for a bit of ambiance. They always set the vibe and make me feel nostalgic. They keep me feeling like fifth grade was not that long ago.

A tank of nitrous, cuz who doesn’t love a good whip it every now and then.

I think this would pretty much do it. Anything more and I might start to lose myself. I like to keep my life as simple as possible.

One last thing, if we are talking like U2 level possibilities, I would like a small horse to ride around backstage and to be able to ride out onto the stage. I love horses. I think they are the most powerful and majestic creatures. I think harnessing some of that energy before performing could be a real game changer.


Continuing to promote his singular album, Mikey Mike will release the first official instalment, the Life onEarth EP, November 2nd. The three-song project includes “Cooler,” a re-release of a feel-good singlefeatured on KROQ, the hilariously endearing ballad “Cut My Hair,”and Mikey’s darkest and most aptly timed work yet, “Strange Times.” He twists pop melodies into different shades of deeply soulful often hilarious, and sometimes very emotional indie rock-guitar-rap. The EP will be released with a special pre-roll curated by Mikey Mike himself, with the help of Califari, with the intention of giving fans the full experience while listening to the music.

The wheels on Mikey Mike aren’t stopping any time soon, as Mikey has been working on a scripted television series. Written by and starring Mikey, the show chronicles his karmic journey through music and life, with a different episode arc around each song release. Stay tuned as we watch the life of Mikey Mike come to actual life through his music and visuals. And don’t forget to give Mikey Mike a call,
the line is always open! 323-457-8794.




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