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Sure! I’m Tash Parker, a visual artist and musician living in Launceston Tasmania. I’ve been releasing electronic art pop music under the name PARKER for the past 2 years.

1. I have always dreamed of a greenroom where the walls and ceiling are filled with glow in the stars so when we turn out the lights it feels like I’m camping. Always good to ground the nerves when you are reminded of the massiveness of our galaxy and how teeny tiny we are.
2. A jungle of indoor plants for me to chat to before the show. They are the best pre-show companions because they are really good listeners and are not afraid of silence.
3. A tea master to serve matcha and delicious cacao treats to help wake us up before the show
4. A spread of delicious tasmanian grown produce to fuel us up with healthy fresh food.
5. The delivery of amazing leotards and accessories made by Michelle Boyde to wear for our pre-show aerobics class.

6. Jamie Lee Curtis to run an aerobics workout class so we can get pumped up and burn off the pre show jitters.


7. Mary Latimore playing harp for the 3omins before we go onstage to calm our nerves.

8. A post show sound bath and guided meditation for all performers and crew. Because we need to be supporting our music industry worker’s physical and mental health more.
9. Mocktails made from the finest rare fruits and maybe a mushroom tea to help the stars twinkle.
10. Fancy robes for everyone to wear because wearing a fancy robe makes you feel fancy.

New single and video for ‘Lie Low’ – out March 8 – International Women’s Day



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