Hands Like Houses have spent the better part of the last decade refining and evolving their profound blend of rock music, and on their latest release -Anon. have hit their stride with rousing choruses and anthems worthy of filling stadiums. The six-piece from Canberra are about to embark on their biggest headline show to date, and in anticipation of their national tour have shared with their dream tour rider.


Dream rider – this would be ultimate! We are pretty lucky to always be taken very good care of but if we could have anything in the world:

  1. A nice fluffy puppy at each venue – it would squash any arguments and immediately raise the vibe

  2. Infinite Tim Tams – remember that genie advertisement where the fella wishes for never ending, let’s lock that in

  3. We rarely get them but they are on our rider – new socks and undies. There’s no better feeling than whipping on a fresh pair of brand new briefs after you’ve rocked around stage. The perfect hug!

  4. Sushi platters would be epic. Maybe we just need to tour japan but if we could get that at every show we’d be some very happy boys! Extra wasabi to really pump up the vocal cords and clear out the sinus

  5. We do ha e a bit of vodka on ours but I don’t think it would be a tour without it. Perfect to mix with just about anything you can find. I’m America they have “handles” of spirits which is basically a huge 2L bottle. Shows become immediately more adventurous with that floating around

  6. A Physio on hand! This is something we’ve always wanted to have and we’ve talked to friends about coming out solely for massages. Joel’s brother is a Physio and did a stint with us for a while, he was put to work every five minutes and gave us a great stretching routine.

  7. The latest Mario Kart. It’s an epic game and I think it brings out equal parts excitement and anger – could be the perfect pump up and adrenaline rush before hitting the stage

We’re about to start a tour so hopefully some of this stuff makes it on to the rider – I’m backing the puppies!

Hands Like Houses are touring nationally in February, in support of their acclaimed album -Anon.

Tickets to all shows are on sale now from handslikehouses.net

Hands Like Houses -Anon Tour with special guests Ocean Grove, Endless Heights and RedHook


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