Young and energetic Northern Beaches quartet Down For Tomorrow have just unveiled their latest pop-punk anthem, ‘What Could Have Been’. The band honed their self-proclaimed “happy-sad Aussie grunge” sound growing up in the rich skating and surfing beaches community, and ‘What Could Have Been’ sees them deliver their strongest and most all-encompassing work to date.

The band sat down to put together a wide array of goodies that would be included in their Dream Rider.

  1. A keg of Young Henrys Newtowner, or Balter XPA. It’s hard to find other beers that satisfy Cody in the same way. And we better be able to take whatever we don’t finish back home with us x

  2. Undies and socks. Don’t ask.

  3. A single can of Emu Export for Tom.

  4. Tequila for Sam. Don’t bother with shot glasses, he drinks it like it’s water.

  5. Actual water. Specifically, in red water bottles. Henry won’t drink it otherwise.

  6. Hot chips. Cody will find any excuse to eat them.

  7. Bananas. Henry does love a good banana. And we do need something to balance out our tour diets.

  8. Mints and gum. Stay fresh homies!

  9. PS4 set up with Crash Bandicoot or FIFA. Whoever wants to play Cody in FIFA can give it a red hot go.

  10. Fruit loops, milk, and waffles. Tom loves a little sugar rush.

  11. DVD box set of Bob Ross for Henry.

  12. An inflatable pool so Tom can wash himself.

Since their inception, Down For Tomorrow has continually traversed the east coast of Australia, playing house parties, bars and all ages events. Over the last year, they have supported other heavyweight Australian pop-punk bands such as Forever Ends Here, The Dead Love and Yours Truly.

In the coming weeks, Down For Tomorrow will reveal an accompanying music video for ‘What Could Have Been’.

‘What Could Have Been’ will be available worldwide on Friday February 8.

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