Hey! I’m a pop singer and songwriter from the Goldie.  I’ve been singing forever but writing my own music for only a couple of years. I just released ‘Aquarius’, a dark, sexy, moody pop track about leaving the shadows and opening up to the truth. A kind of ode to the hopefulness of new beginnings.

  1. Kittens – 10-12. But they have to already have homes to go to afterwards. So I don’t adopt them all.
  2. Loco Love chocolate – In every flavour
  3. A mixologist – I HATE riders that are just redbulls and RTD’s. It’s cocktails or nothing.
  4. A chef and pop-up kitchen to make me whatever I fancy eating post-show
  5. A massage therapist – For obvious reasons 🙂
  6. Every type of strawberry donut for me to take one bite out of each. Supermarket, krispy kreme, donut king, bakery …
  7. A breathwork instructor – to help me move adrenaline out of my body after the show
  8. A greenroom full of fresh lavender. – My green room should be a zen palace. But it should be brought in AFTER the show, else I’ll fall asleep.
  9. A string quartet – I’m really going with the chill vibes after the show ! They can accompany the breathwork instructor
  10. Helicopter – I want a quick and easy way out and back to the hotel


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